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Athletics Carnival 2016

Athletics Carnival 2016
Earlier this term Toolooa held its annual Athletics Carnival which proved to be an exciting event for all involved. The day commenced in the hall which was filled with an array of colours as the students wore their careport colours. Some of the students chose to take it a step further and even dress up in costume for the day. “Camouflage” seemed to be the dress code for the day with a number of our senior students dressing up in camo gear for their athletic events. Whilst there wasn’t a best dressed award this year, a special mention must go out to one student who came prepared in his best attire for the day, a shrub that covered him from head to toe. I wonder how many people ran into the shrub on the day…
The day ran smoothly with our enthusiastic young athletes competing in a number of events including the 100m, 200m and 800m races. I don’t know if it was the chanting in the hall or Mr Pooley’s motivational speeches on the microphone that helped but it was great to see so many students involved in events this year.
As the day was coming to a close, one question was still on everyone’s mind. Which house was actually leading? Unlike last year in which there was only a few points separating two houses, this year one house was leading by over two hundred points! This house performed exceptionally well all year at all carnivals. The winning house was Elliott who completed the clean sweep with all carnivals this year. A huge congratulations must go to the students for their performances throughout all three carnivals. Another congratulation must go out to their “Master and Chief” Mr Hage who according to some sources broke down in tears after watching his house complete this remarkable display.
At the conclusion of the last race it was time to announce the Age Champions for this year’s Athletics Carnival. The following students performed extremely well throughout the day in a number of events and were recognised as the Age Champions for 2016.
Age Group                                         Students
12 Years                          Emity Cannon & Zachary Warden
13 Years                          Brooke Stone & Hayden Nichol
14 Years                          Abbi Cooper & Joshua Ferguson
15 Years                          Chyanne Downing & Ryan Neale
16 Years                          Ally Ware & Craig Sinclair
Open Years                      Jessica Chalmers, Shobai Eldridge (tied) & Joshua Andrew
 Congratulations to the Age Champions of 2016!
With all the carnivals over it is time to start looking forward to our other sporting events for the remainder of the year. These include the interschool soccer & touch competitions and of course our annual Sports Awards for 2016.
Port Curtis Athletics
Following on from the success of our school athletics carnival, a number of our students had the opportunity to compete for Toolooa State High School at the Port Curtis Trials. The manner in which the students performed both on and off the field was magnificent. Whilst our school did not win the carnival, the number of students that were selected from our school to represent Port Curtis at the upcoming Capricornia trials clearly illustrates the sporting talents of our students. The following students were selected for the Port Curtis Athletics team in 2016. 
Tanya Humphreys                   Ryan Neale                   Cameron Ridgway
Jayden Rashleigh                    Kaena Truskett              Hayden Nichol
Harmony Wharewera               Brooke Stone                Brooke Assman
Tyler Wise                              Abhinav Singh               Melanie Hanlon
Chyanne Downing                   Madison McPhail            Megan Groves
Bradley Preston                      Shobai Eldridge             Jai Ranger
Dillon Bartlett                         Tegan Van Vegchel        Bryce Piper
Joshua Andrew                       Joshua Ferguson           Daniel Ludkin
Lyncoln Rebel  
Congratulations to the students listed above who were selected for the Port Curtis Athletics. We hope that you are successful with your upcoming trials.
A special mention must go out to two of the students listed above. Ryan Neale and Chyanne Downing were recognised as the age champions for their own respective age groups. Best of luck with your next sporting challenge.
3-31st August  - Interschool Soccer Competition Commences
22-23rd August  - 10-19 Years Capricornia Athletics
11th August  - 13-15 Years Girls PC Cricket
16th November  - TSHS Sports Awards for 2016 

Yours in Sport,
Matthew Miller
Sports Co-ordinator