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From The Junior Secondary Co-Ordinator

From The Junior Secondary
With Jess Batey
Assessment in the Junior Secondary Years
As we near closer and closer to the end of the term, you will notice that your child is bringing home several different assessment tasks to work on. It is important that time is spent at home working on these tasks to ensure that your child has completed their assignments to a high standard. As a parent, there are many strategies that you can use to help your child achieve their absolute best in their assessment tasks. The first of these strategies is to check your child’s diary for due dates. Sometimes, children don’t realise how close a due date is and require a bit of encouragement from their parents to get on track. Another effective way for parents to help is to proof-read your child’s work with them. When students are able to read back what they have written in a task, they often hear their mistakes and are able to fix them easily. If you are proof-reading their work with them, the quality of the assignment submitted is generally much better. Finally, going through the criteria sheet with your child helps to identify areas that may still need work. This is an excellent place to start giving feedback because this is what they will be marked on.
If your child is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of assessment at a particular time, perhaps sit down together to work out a study timetable, or an overview of the term’s assessment so that it doesn’t sneak up. Generally, better time management is the key to successfully managing this load. Remember, as per the school’s assessment policy, students who need an extension are required to apply through the Head of Department at least 48 hours prior to the due date of the task.
NAPLAN Preparation
As most parents would be aware, our year 7 and 9 students will be undertaking the NAPLAN tests during May this year. These tests will cover the areas of reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling and numeracy. The staff at Toolooa SHS are preparing students in these areas with targeted reading, writing and numeracy classes, as well as reviewing skills in warm-ups each day. To give your child the best chance at success in NAPLAN, it is recommended that you encourage your child to read as often as possible and practise the basic skills of writing and numeracy at home. It is also important that your child has enough sleep and a great breakfast each day before school to ensure they perform at their best standard. If you have any questions about NAPLAN, please feel free to contact our Junior Secondary Head of Department, Jess Batey, on 49 714 352 or e-mail
Jess Batey
Junior Secondary Head of Department