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From The Junior Secondary Head Of Department


From The Junior Secondary Head Of Department   

With Jess Batey 
Improving Your Child’s Writing Skills
At Toolooa SHS, we view writing as one of the most important skills a child can have, and we have made it one of our key improvement agendas again in 2017. As part of our commitment to improving students’ writing, we use the John Collins’ Writing Approach, which has been proven to simultaneously improve thinking and writing skills. Collins, a highly accomplished educator and acknowledged expert in the field of writing, advocates for the use of Focus Correction Areas (FCAs) when writing. In basic terms, this means that students will be given just a couple of focus points for each piece of writing, rather than being distracted by a range of skills. For example, they might need to focus on their punctuation and their sentence structure in a paragraph they’re writing about Australia Day.
After the first two weeks back at school, all students in years 7 to 9 should have been given the opportunity to highlight two FCAs in the back of their diary (pages 193 – 196). Every time your child writes in Focussed Literacy class, as well as in their other subjects, they will be working towards meeting these goals. 
When your child is writing at home, please have a look at the FCAs in their diary and speak with your child about these skills. The FCA pages also give some helpful hints and tips to improve writing, so they’re a great resource for children and parents alike! 
Jess Batey
HoD – Junior Secondary