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From the Deputy's Desk - Amanda Stirling.

From the Deputy’s Desk.
Road Safety Message.
It is come to our attention that a number of Toolooa students are not riding their skateboards/scooters/longboards/bikes to and from school in a safe manner.  Residents have reported that students are zooming through the streets on their way to school, without checking for vehicles or dismounting their mode of transport.
Young people tend to think they are invincible, so I would encourage parents to start discussions with their children about riding safely to and from school.  These discussions should include; helmets, looking both ways before crossing roads, dismounting their mode of transport while crossing roads, reading signs, and using common sense.
While we are discussing road safety, I would like to express my concern about the number of parents who are driving into the school grounds to drop their students off.  The driveway into the school is narrow and there are few areas to turn around.
The student ‘stop-drop-and-go’ area at the front of the school has been designed for this purpose.
Please use this area to drop your students off, rather than drive into the school. When you drive into the school you increase the volume of traffic and increase the chance of a student or adult being injured.
Assessment and Reporting.
This week students are busy studying or completing their assessment pieces.  Teachers will commence reporting next week and report cards will be issued in the first week of next term.  We will post your child’s report with instructions for making online bookings for the Parent/Teacher night, which will be held on Thursday 25th July in the Mathematics Block.
The booking system will open to parents on Wednesday 10th July.  Teachers will be available for interview from 3.30- 6.30pm, with ten minute interviews scheduled.
Be sure to get in early so you don’t miss out on speaking to the teachers who you need to see on the night.  A cappuccino and hot chocolate machine will be available in the ‘green room’ for parents and teachers.
For those parents who are ‘technologically shy’, you are more than welcome to call the school office in the first week back to make a booking.
Amanda Stirling—Deputy Principal.