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Good Guidance With Jenny Morris

​Good Guidance
with Jenny Morris
Seven Traits Of Mental Toughness
In different contexts, one character trait has emerged as a predictor for success. It isn’t social intelligence, good looks, IQ, or physical health. It is “grit,” which the dictionary defines as “mental toughness”.  It could be defined as resilience or the ability to “bounce back” after setbacks.
Mental toughness is the “perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals; having stamina; sticking with your future day in and day out and working hard to make that future a reality; a marathon not a sprint.” 
Studies have shown that there is a correlation between mental toughness and self-control. It takes mental toughness and self-discipline to raise kids –they have constant needs. It is difficult to deal with tantrums/ ensure homework is done/ provide healthy food choices (when even you would prefer chocolate bar over an apple)/ monitor TV, computer time/ up and out in the morning (when you would prefer to be sleeping)…… and on it goes. 
Seven traits of mentally tough people:
1.     Look for positives & learn from mistakes
2.     Face fears
3.     Non-judgmental
4.     Celebrate successes of others
5.     Realise that the only person they can control is themself & do not blame others for their mistakes
6.     Limit exposure to outside stimuli (e.g. Social media, Gaming)
7.     Accept and embrace change
Mentally tough people embrace change, but they understand that change must first happen in them before it happens through them. Mahatma Gandhi said it so well. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
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Hope this helps get your grit on!!