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Good News Stories

Good News Stories
UQ Young Scholars Program
UQ Young Scholars Program – Amritesh Savnak
Personally, I found the UQ Young Scholars Program extremely insightful as I was able to fully connect with it. UQ being my first university preference for tertiary studies, I was thrilled to attend the program for four days during the holidays. As a whole, the program educated me on the different career pathways I could pursue, as well as the application process for each. Best of all was that the experience was unique to everyone as the candidates could choose their activities. For me, aiming to do the Doctor of Medicine course, I decided to participate in all the activities relevant to biology and human anatomy. Most interesting of all was the visit to the Brisbane Royal and Women’s Hospital, where we were introduced to real human body parts (in glass cases). In the activity, we explored the difference between healthy and damaged body tissues (i.e. cancers) such as the kidneys, liver, stomach, brain etc. Although the activity was somewhat confronting, it was extremely interesting to learn more about how the human body works. Ultimately, the experience gave me insight into the career I want to pursue, and I would definitely recommend those who are eligible to apply. 
UQ Young Scholars Program - Connie Li 
On Sunday 26th November, I, alongside 250 likeminded students, arrived at the University of Queensland, St Lucia for the annual UQ Young Scholars Program (UQ YSP) held at and organised by the university. During the five day, four night experience, we were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of interactive workshops as well as inspirational lectures, my favourite lecturer being author Rebecca Sparrow who communicated the importance of overall happiness and true friends through humorous stories and ‘golden rules’. 
Throughout the program, I chose to participate in workshops of various fields such as anatomy, business and chemistry. One of the workshops allowed us to visit the Royal Brisbane Women’s hospital as well as the UQ medical school, we were shown various preserved organs including the blackened lungs of a smoker which I found quite fascinating. The UQ Young Scholars Program was truly a valuable experience I will remember forever. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to meet a variety of people and experience life as a university student. 

UQ Young Scholars Program — Nick Versic 
During the first week of my holidays I enjoyed attending the University of Queensland’s Young Scholars Program. I participated in a range of elective workshops, including a workshop on anatomy where we learnt how to take blood pressure, test reflexes through various points on the body and check for a range of injuries to ligaments in the leg. I also attended a “Case-Based-Learning” session, where we attempted to make diagnoses on various real examples of medical cases, and we visited a hospital where we saw a display of real preserved organs with various diseases. 
Other highlights included presentations from both university lecturers and guest speakers, on topics ranging from politics, to writing, to leadership and critical thinking, to my favourite lecture from science communicator Dr Joel Gilmore. There were also a range of interactive activities that allowed me to enhance my leadership skills. My favourite interactive session simulated being a part of a government that had to make rapid decisions to react to terrorism and a range of other international events. 
Overall, I had an amazing time and met so many talented young people with similar interests to me, from all across the state. I feel very thankful that I was able to attend the UQ Young Scholars program and found it to be a truly life-changing experience. 
UQ Young Scholars Program — Merin Ward 
On the 26th of November 2017, I met my green group—the first friends I would make on this amazing YSP trip. We learnt war cries, named each other after fruits and slept dorm to dorm I King’s College. Who knew a family could consider over 200 people? The workshops filled my every hopes: talking to real life med students, evaluating world wide issues as well as a fun mix of quirky warm up activities. We listened to speakers Joel Gilmore and Rebecca Sparrow, testing our ability to write down their inspiring messages. As inspiring as they were, in my favourite part of the trip was getting to know the mentors and hearing their advice and also networking with so many new, likeminded people. If you’re in grade 11 and hear someone mention YSP around mid time this year, have a quick search and apply—you won’t regret it.