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Home Economics


Even though we have now passed the half way point of term four there is still plenty going on in the Home Ec department across all age groups. Our year 8 students, led by Mrs Glindon, have been investigating healthy eating options and how they can best prepare their food for a healthy lifestyle. In doing this they look at different food groups and analyse which food preparation techniques are the healthiest. The year 9 students have been looking at textiles and dyeing techniques on singlets while our year 10’s have been investigating event functioning and looking at ways to best cater for a large crowd. Our year 11 class however have been working on a major project called ‘Lunch Express”.

Lunch Express is a great opportunity where the students employ a number of skills to plan, budget, prepare and deliver a wonderful lunch to over 60 staff members throughout the school. With the help and expertise of Mrs Petersen students had to perform various tasks ranging from costing various options to testing them out in the kitchen. After doing this the students were able to come up with a couple of menu options for the staff to choose from for a very affordable price. For a small price of just $7.50 staff members were able to choose from breaded chicken topped with provencale sauce and melted cheese or a roasted pumpkin, spinach and ricotta frittata for the main meal. They then had to choose between a rich chocolate flourless cake or a vanilla bean pannacotta for dessert. Real life tasks such as this give the students a real understanding of what it is like to work in the hospitality industry and exposes them to the pressures and time constraints of working in food preparation. Overall, it was a great success and a big congratulations needs to go out to Mrs Petersen and the year 11 students for all their hard work.
While all this cooking and taste testing has been going on our Early Childhood students have been busy going around town on excursions to analyse the effectiveness of various play structures in the town’s parks. The students have visited East Shores, Mcdonald’s playground and Lions Park just to name a few. With the help of Mrs Petersen and Miss McCauley students have been looking at these play structures to analyse the safety measures in place as well as seeing how children can use these environments to promote imaginative play.
Our year 12 students have just completed their final assessment for the year and I am sure they are looking forward to a well-deserved break from school. I wish our year 12 students all the very best of luck in the future and hope that what they have learnt in senior hospitality and early childhood classes will bode them well for a possible career in that industry. Since this will be the last article for the year for Home Economics I would like to thank our teachers Mrs Petersen, Miss McCauley and Mrs Glindon who put in a great deal of time and effort to help our students. With this year almost drawing to a close and our year 12 students almost finished I am looking forward to another year of cooking (taste testing) and sewing in the Home Ec department.
Chris Hill
HOD Home Economics