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Mathematics Tutoring Leads to Better Outcomes

Mathematics Tutoring Leads to Better Outcomes! 
I would like to start off by thanking the many mathematics staff who give up their time every week to assist at Mathematics tutoring. Student participation in the program is very strong with up to 60 students attending each afternoon and I expect after the parent and teacher evening that numbers will grow even more. The tutoring we are providing is a great service that very few high schools offer and those students who come ready to use the time wisely are finding it is definitely helping their results. 
Remember mathematics tutoring is on every Tuesday to Thursday afternoon from 3-4pm. Tuesday afternoons are reserved for our year 11 and 12 students only while Wednesday and Thursdays are open to every year level.
Can I ask you to please make sure you ask your son/daughter, if they are planning on attending tutoring, to make sure they have some work to do. The teachers who are present supporting the students don't need the extra burden of having to find work for unprepared students to do.
Students should come prepared with work they need to finish, assignments they are working on or extra work they have got from their classroom teacher.
Any student who turns up and is not there to work will be asked to leave or their parents will be called to come and pick them up.
When Are We Ever Going To Use This Stuff!
A common question we often hear in Mathematics classes.
Well let me tell you…
If you were to walk into any yr12 Maths A class recently you would see our students learning the intricacies of navigating the waters of the coast of Gladstone.
Our Yr11 Prevocational Mathematics classes are currently planning an overseas holiday and last term our Yr12’s looked at the mathematics behind living a healthier lifestyle.
Is there anything Maths can’t do!
Two of our top Yr12 Maths A students using maths to plot a course off the Gladstone Coast.
Greg Hage
Mathematics HOD