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Nurse Natters

​Nurse Natters
Points To Remember Around Exam/Assessment Time
Studying, assignments and exams can be quite stressful. The key is to develop good study habits, manage your time efficiently and deal with stress.
 Points to remember are:
  • Have a study area at home that is tidy, organised, well lit and away from noise if possible
  • Set realistic goals and start early, don’t leave things to the last minute.
  • Write a daily “to do” list and cross off when they are achieved or a weekly timetable.
  • After school do your work or study first, then if time make your phone calls to friends or get on facebook/MSN. Not the other way around.
  • Regular breaks – get up and move around at least every 50minutes for 10 minutes – this makes you concentrate and learn better.
  • Avoid drinking lots of caffeine or other energy drinks – it won’t take away the pressure of study and the after effects often make you feel worse, especially if you are not sleeping.
  • Having a balance of activities in your life can help you avoid feeling really stressed. You need to factor in your schedule ways that make you feel relaxed. Physical activity, such as just going for a walk, and/or relaxation exercises / yoga really help.
  • If doing too many activities and work outside of school, near exam times, may mean you need to priortise and cut back on something to avoid burn out.
  • Eating healthy and regularly helps with your concentration. Eating too many sugary foods, especially at night, may prevent you from sleeping well.
  • If you have other stressors to deal with as well as your studies it is a good idea to talk to a trusted adult for advice.
  • On the morning of exams make sure you have a healthy breakfast.
  • Pack bag and lunch the night before to save rushing around before school.
Once in the exam take five deep breaths if feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you will be OK
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Yours in Health
Lani Clements
School Based Youth Health Nurse