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Principal's Piece - Justin Harrison

Principal’s Piece
— Justin Harrison
Year 7 Meet and Greet – tonight, starting at 4.30pm. I encourage all Year 7 students and their parents/carers to attend tonight. It is a wonderful opportunity to touch base with your child’s teachers and learn more about our wonderful school.
Indigenous Parent Barbecue
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Indigenous team, Bonnie Assman, Michelle Eggmolesse, Brad Eggmolesse and Ambrose Coolwell for organising this important event.
Additionally, I would like to thank all staff members who supported the afternoon proceedings, but, more importantly, thank the families who attended and connected with our school community.
Assignment Drafts
Drafting and how we engage in the process has a significant impact on a student’s overall level of achievement for that assessment piece. Essentially, the draft that our students hand in should be work that is completed to the best of their ability. The teacher will then provide targeted feedback around the areas that need to be improved, which the student in turn will address. The draft is not a starting point nor it is a half-finished piece – it needs to be the student’s best effort. We encourage our parents to speak to their child/ren about this expectation. Reminder, assessment calendars have been sent home which will outline the style of assessment that is required of your child/ren.
Core Values
At Toolooa State High School we frequently speak to our students about our three core values: Respect, Achievement and Responsibility. These values underpin our school expectations and our Responsible Behaviour Plan. Whilst Achievement and Responsibility would seem to be pretty self-explanatory, Respect is something that needs greater explanation at times. From our school point of view, respect relates to enabling each and every student the opportunity to feel safe, supported and accepted during their time at school. We recognise that not all students will be friends nor will they have the same backgrounds or experiences but we expect that they will accept others rights to have a good day at school. We will continue to set clear standards in this area and work with our students. For more information regarding what Respect, Responsibility and Achievement looks like at Toolooa State High School, please turn to page 4 of the Student Success Journal. Students who fail to abide by our core values, consequences as per our Responsible Behaviour Plan which is on page 14 & 15 of the Student Success Journal will be enforced.