Principal's Piece - Justin Harrison

Principal’s Piece
 — Justin Harrison
NAPLAN Results!
As expected, Toolooa SHS has performed exceptionally well again this year across all domains tested in NAPLAN. Not only did our students produce good scores, but their improvements were greater that the nations in reading, writing, grammar and punctuation and number. For us at Toolooa, we expect our students to be improving every day and we can see by these results that they are certainly meeting that expectation.
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank every staff member at Toolooa SHS for everything they have done to influence this outstanding achievement and the work that they will continue to do to make sure that every student continues to grow in the future. In addition, a big congratulations must go out to our current Year 7 and 9 students who have engaged with Toolooa’s agenda and, more importantly their own academic performance.
Individual student NAPLAN reports have been mailed home. If you wish to discuss your child’s reports; or you have any questions regarding their report, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. While it is an external test, we are more than happy to discuss your childs progress.
Have A Safe Holiday Break
On behalf of Toolooa SHS, like staff I am sure all students are looking forward to the break and recharge, I hope each and everyone of you have a relaxing and restful break and all students come back with the energy and focus needed to achieve great things in term 4.
We ask that if our families are travelling on our roads during the break that they take care and we look forward to seeing everybody back on Tuesday the 8th of October.
Annual Awards Night Update
Students, parents and community members are invited to join us at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre for our annual celebration of excellence at our Awards Night on Thursday the 24th of October, commencing at 6.30pm for a prompt 7.00pm start.
Students will be recognised for academic, cultural, and service achievements. Subject awards and a number of academic bursaries will be presented to students, along with the special awards that will be announced on the night.
Sports Awards Night Update
Students, parents and community members are invited to join us at Yaralla Sports Club for our annual celebration of our Sports Awards Night on the 13th of November, commencing at 6:30pm for a prompt 7.00pm start. Students will be recognised for their sporting successes throughout 2019.
Updated Assessment Policy
As Toolooa has updated their assessment policy, will be included in upcoming newsletters outlining the changes so everyone is informed.
The first topics to be discussed involve:
1 - Non-Submission Of Assessment Items
Students who submit an incomplete draft on the draft due date will receive feedback on the incomplete draft only. Contact home by the teacher will also occur and be recorded on OneSchool.
Students who do not submit a draft on the draft due date will not receive written draft feedback. Contact home by the teacher will also occur and be recorded on OneSchool.
Non-submission of a final assessment piece on the due date by 4pm will result in the student being marked on their draft assessment piece. Where there is no evidence of a draft, or insufficient evidence in the draft to award a result, the student will receive a Not Rated. Contact home by the teacher will also occur and be recorded on OneSchool.
In the case of assessment that is spoken/signed, refusal to present or non-submission of a pre-recorded presentation will result in a Not Rated, as the student has not met the requirements of the assessment task.
2 -  For Year 12 Students (2020 and Beyond):
For summative units, there must be evidence of a response to each summative assessment for a student to achieve a subject result. In order to receive an overall subject result, a student must complete Units 3 and 4 together, providing responses to each of the summative internal assessments and the external assessment for the subject. If a student receives a Not Rated for an assessment piece in Units 3 or 4, that student cannot receive a subject result and therefore will not receive any QCE credit points for Units 3 and 4.
The assessment policy in full is available on the school website.
Student Parking and Road Safety
This year is the first year we have had Year 11 students gaining their P Plates and driving themselves to school. As a result of the change to the starting age in Queensland, we now have two cohorts of students eligible to drive and park across the road from the school. Students drive to school and park on the designated area (council property) at their own risk. The school is unable to take responsibility for damage to staff or student vehicles parked on or near school property. Students are reminded that any pranks or dangerous driving resulting in damage to vehicles will be referred to police and insurance companies.
Students have been reminded that they are not to leave the school grounds without the express permission of the school. They must also sign in and out through the office when arriving or leaving due to their timetable variations. Students have been reminded that they must not take other students in their car during breaks. The school will not give lunch passes to purchase food from takeaway shops. Lunch can be purchased from our school tuckshop.
Final QCS Test
Last week our Year 12 Op Students sat the QCS (Queensland Core Skills) for the very last time. The students completed the two days of testing, well prepared and focused on achieving the best results they could as a group. QCS testing is an instrument that measures the summation of the skills and processes that students learn through participation in the curriculum through their senior studies. It is not a test of individuals but rather the group – so it is a measurement of the team and the commitment the cohort has made to learn. Congratulations to our students who approached this test with a positive attitude and maximum effort!
R U OK Day
R U OK? Day is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone to ask, “Are you OK?” and to remember every day of the year to support people who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs.
Have you ever got that niggling feeling that someone you know or care about isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem agitated, withdrawn or out of sorts. Trust your gut instinct and act on it!
By starting a conversation you could help that person to open up. If they say they are not ok, you can follow the conversation steps 1-4 to show them how they are supported and help them find strategies to better manage, or access the support they need. If they are OK they will know that you are someone who cares enough to ask.
We’ve all got what it takes to look out for one another and support those who may be struggling.
For most of us, our eyes, ears and mouths are the resources we can use to support those around us.
You’ve got what it takes to navigate a conversation when someone says “no, I’m not ok” by following these four steps:
For more information on ‘R U Okay Day’, go to:
Lunch On The Lawn
After a fantastic event in 2018, 'Lunch on the Lawn' is back!  We are so excited to be able to bring our school community together once again to celebrate all the great things about Toolooa and put our efforts towards raising much needed funds for The Smith Family.
Last year, the event saw a sea of pink spread across the oval as we worked to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and the efforts of our local hospitals in supporting people with this illness.  This year, we encourage all our staff and students to wear blue and show their support of the wonderful work of The Smith Family.
The year 11 VSW class has done a wonderful job in organising the event and they have been very busy planning to ensure the event runs smoothly.  These students really do shine when given such a great opportunity to 'work' in an authentic environment and this event is perfect for them to hone their enterprising skills.
The Interact group will be selling soft drinks (essential after eating all that pizza!) and we appreciate the efforts of Mrs Read in organising this.
Finally, we are all looking forward to watching the 'mad skillz' of our English and Maths Departments as they take the stage (or the grass) for their much anticipated dance off.
The students worked so hard to raise enough money for this challenge to go ahead but we are confident the teachers are now wishing they weren't so cocky when they took the bet!
It really is a wonderful event that celebrates the very best of Toolooa and whether you have bought a pizza, plan on buying a soft drink or donated to make your teachers dance, we hope you enjoy celebrating the end of term three with us knowing we are helping to make the lives of disadvantaged children a little better thanks to the work of The Smith Family.
Get 'LOLed' in 2019!
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Last reviewed 12 November 2019
Last updated 12 November 2019