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Principal's Piece - Justin Harrison

​Principal’s Piece
— Justin Harrison
Arts Showcase
A special mention to all staff and students involved in the Arts Showcase on Friday night the 18th of October at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre. It truly was a fantastic night that showcased the many talents of our students. They were simply inspirational. I would like to pay particular attention to Ms Meghan Gwynne and her team of teachers who did an outstanding job supporting and getting the students ready for this spectacular performance. The school could not be prouder of how the evening went. To all involved; well done. Please see more on the Arts Showcase along with photos of the night on page 12 of this newsletter.
Awards Night
Congratulations to all those involved in Toolooa’s Award’s Night, which was held on Thursday the 24th of October. It was a fantastic night that demonstrated the ongoing commitment of our students to our three core values; Respect, Achievement and Responsibility. I would like to congratulate all award winners and thank Ms Batey and Ms Hartwig for the organisation of such a wonderful event that show cases Toolooa's talents. Please see awards night photos on page 5 of this newsletter. 
A special mention must go to our “Special Award Winners.” 
Albert Mills Memorial Humanitarian Student of the Year Award: 
Junior: Brooke Stone
Senior: Kynan Elliott
Defence Force Team Leadership Award:
Kynan Elliott
Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards 2019:
Kynan Elliott
Jessamin Ellis
Rohan Rahman
John Taylor
Rosannah Stedman
Christopher Benson
GPC Student of the Year:
Kynan Elliott 
School Leaders for 2020

This year, Toolooa has had an excellent pool of applicants for 2020 leadership positions. In order to attain a position as school captain or vice-captain, all applicants were required to write and present a speech, as well as have a meeting with members of the school’s administration and P&C. Following this, all students and staff voted for their preferred leaders. I would like to congratulate our School Captains and Vice Captains for 2020.

                            Captains:                                                                     Vice Captains:
Term 3 Recognition Parade
Toolooa State High School prides itself on high achievement and we celebrate student success a variety of ways. Every day students are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability in accordance with our school’s expectations of Respect, Achievement and Responsibility and each term Toolooa recognises students who strived to achieve fantastic results. On Monday the 28th of October, Toolooa State High School held its term 3 recognition parade to celebrate the success of our students in the academic field. At our upcoming year level parades, Toolooa State High School will also recognise students who have achieved 100% attendance, excellent behaviour/effort and silver awards for students who achieved a majority of B’s.  
Congratulations to all award winners and we hope you all continue the fantastic effort for term 4 of 2019. Photos of this week’s recognition parade will be published in next fortnight’s newsletter on Thursday the 14th of November. 
World Teachers Day – Friday the 25th of October
On Friday the 25th of October Toolooa SHS celebrated World Teacher’s Day. This was a very special day where we thanked our wonderful teachers for the job they do, and will continue to do, teaching and caring for our students. It is our amazing teachers that encourage our students to be the best they can, by providing an environment for students to ‘seek excellence and engage in opportunities’. To ensure students are engaged and improving, teaching staff spend many hours preparing well designed lessons and providing students with feedback to improve their knowledge and skills further. Our teaching staff also spend countless hours in providing opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular activities as well as coaching and managing sporting teams. 
Every day, Queensland teachers are making a difference educating and inspiring young people across our state. World Teachers' Day was an opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the significant contributions they make in our classrooms and communities. At Toolooa, I am very lucky to have a fantastic and united teaching team all striving for one thing: to get the best outcomes for every student. I consider myself extremely privileged to work with such a dedicated team. Please see page 13 of this newsletter for photos. 
Period 5
Will your child be staying back for Period Five on Fridays next year?
All students bought home a letter regarding Period Five on Tuesday of this week. Please ask your child for the letter if you have not already received it. 
School Assessment Policy
To continue our series of excerpts on the new assessment policy, here is the section about how we ensure students' work is their own.  
Authenticating Student Responses
Teachers are best positioned to determine authenticity of student work and are responsible for ensuring that it complies with syllabus requirements. 
Strategies For Establishing Authorship
Teachers can collect evidence during the development of responses in order to establish authorship of final responses. Teachers may:
•monitor, collect or observe progressive samples of each student’s work at various stages. This process could be documented using an authentication record, checklist or photographs
•interview or consult with each student at checkpoints during the development of the response to ensure that it is based on the student’s own work. 
To Establish Authorship Of Final Responses, Teachers May:
•directly compare the responses of students who have worked together in groups
•interview a sample of students after their responses have been submitted to determine their understanding of and familiarity with their responses
•use internal quality assurance processes such as cross-marking if there is more than one class for a subject cohort. 
Students Should:
•complete responses during the designated class time to ensure teachers are able to observe the development of work and authenticate student responses
•participate in authentication processes as required by Toolooa SHS, such as to
◾sign a declaration of authenticity
◾submit a draft.
Inability To Establish Authorship
Responses that are not the student’s own cannot be used to make a judgment. When authorship of student work cannot be established, or a response is not entirely a student’s own work, Toolooa SHS will:
•provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate that the submitted response is their own work
•make a judgment about the student’s knowledge and skills using the parts of the response that can be identified as the student’s own work.
In these instances, judgments about student achievement are made using the available student work and relevant ISMG, instrument-specific standards or syllabus standards.
Toolooa State High School Wellbeing Review TSHS is currently conducting a review of our school community wellbeing. We believe that wellbeing encompasses the health of the whole person – physical, mental and social and emotional. As with positive mental health, wellbeing is most likely to flourish in a supportive and inclusive environment – a safe place where diversity is acknowledged, respected and seen as adding to the vibrancy and strength of the entire community. 
In order to successfully review our whole school community wellbeing we are conducting surveys with our staff, students and community. These surveys allow us to gather information about our learning community — what’s going well, how different members think and feel about mental health and opportunities for growth. The surveys capture subjective data relating to perceptions and levels of understanding of mental health and wellbeing from the perspective of all learning community members including educators, families, children and young people. The data gathered from these groups will help highlight strengths to build on and areas for improvement within your learning community. We are asking for our community to help us to collect the necessary information by completing the following survey. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is easy to access (click on the link below). The survey will however need to be completed on a computer as the tool is not compatible with mobile devices. 
This link will also be emailed to all families. We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 
Tuckshop Day – Friday 1 November
On Tuckshop Day, Friday 1 November, we’ll be saying a special thank you to our wonderful convenors, workers and volunteers who keep our tuckshop running. 
By providing healthy food and drink choices that help our students learn and stay engaged throughout the school day, they offer a wonderful service to our school community. The efforts of our tuckshop workers and the many volunteers who support our students and our school have been tremendous this year and are very much appreciated.