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Science Extended Learning Program at Toolooa State High School


Science Extended Learning Program at Toolooa State High School


On Friday the 2nd December, 22 students from schools across the Gladstone region visited Toolooa State High School to participate in an Extended Leaning Day for Science run by Kin Kora State School.

Students delved into the scientific world of Vitamin C and completed two science experiments. The first experiment solved the mystery of what foods contain Vitamin C and how much Vitamin C concentrations each food contained.
Students used a Vitamin C test indicator solution, which contained starch, iodine and water. The Vitamin C indicator allowed students to rank the Vitamin C content of food because Vitamin C causes the purple Vitamin C indicator to lose its colour: the lighter the solution, the higher the Vitamin C content of each food. The students were surprised to find out that kiwi fruit and red capsicum both had a higher level of Vitamin C than an orange.
The second experiment students conducted answered the question; does heat change the level of Vitamin C? Students can now recommend the best ways to cook fruits and vegetables to retain the Vitamin C after seeing the results of heating the fruit and vegetable solutions and then testing for the Vitamin C content.
Students also learnt about the importance of Vitamin C. They were horrified to learn that lack of Vitamin C can cause loss of appetite, bleeding gums, loose teeth, swollen ankles and tiny haemorrhages in the skin. Students have now vowed to eat more fruits and vegetables and steam or stir fry their vegetables to retain the Vitamin C content.
To conclude the day, students were treated to a flame test experiment in a senior chemistry lab run by chemistry teacher Miss Cooper from Toolooa SHS. Students tested different chemicals to see what colour flame is produced when it is put over the heat of a Bunsen burner. This process is similar as to explain why fireworks have all different colours.
The ELP day was a huge success and a big thankyou goes to Mr Muller (HOD Science) and his team at Toolooa SHS for allowing the students the privilege of working in a scientific environment and providing the resources for the experiments. A big thankyou also goes to Mrs Hargreaves for her assistance with the implementation of the program.
Mr Shonhan