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Senior Schooling News With Natalie Jounquay

Senior Schooling News
With Natalie Jounquay


Senior Brisbane University Trip

by Niamh Clements
I found the uni trip very informative. It gave us insight on the courses available at Griffith, University of Sunshine Coast, QUT, and UQ. It also gave us an idea of the on-campus accommodation available for students. My favourite part of the Uni Trip was interacting with previous Toolooa State High School students who live in Brisbane and attend Uni in Brisbane. I found this the most interesting as they gave us real life experience of what life was like away from home. Overall the Uni Trip helped me decide which pathway and uni I'm interested in, and is a beneficial experience that all seniors should go on.
Brisbane Uni Trip
by Lauren Brennan
The uni trip was a valuable experience for us students. The trip gave practical exposure to the realities of uni and city life. The tours of the unis were particularly helpful; beyond teaching us what universities offer academically, socially and athletically, it also gave a feel for the unis' atmospheres. For me, it helped me identify what uni would be best suited to me as a student, and as a person. The uni trip also proved beneficial in that it gave some answers to what independent living would be like. The discussion with past Toolooa students and the exploration of Brisbane city helped calm some trepidation about 'adult life'. It was, in summary, a very educational experience.
2016 QCS Test
The 2016 QCS Test will take place between 8.30am and 2.30pm in the Science Block on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st August. Yr 12 QCS students must be at the back of the Science Block, ready to enter the test rooms, no later than 8.30am each day. The afternoon sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday will end at approximately 2.30pm. Students are permitted to sign out and leave school at this time. If they need to catch a school bus, they will be required to wait in the Year 12 area until the end of the school day.
The QCS Breakfast for our students will be held in the Library Courtyard from 7.30am to 8.30am both days. This has been generously funded by our school’s Parents and Citizens Association, and will be prepared by teachers.
Thank you very much to our P & C for their support of our students, and thank you to our teachers who will give up their mornings to cook breakfast.
Students will have a lunch break between both exams on each day from approximately 11.10am to 12.25pm.
Students can buy their lunch at the tuckshop, but are not permitted to leave the school.
Students have been given a set of instructions outlining the specific requirements of the test, including equipment.
It is very important that students ensure they bring the correct equipment for the test.
If your student is unwell on the day/s of the QCS Test, it is important that a medical certificate stating the illness is provided to Natalie Jounquay, Head of Senior Schooling, as soon as possible after the Tests.
An information letter with this information was given to our Year 12 QCS students on Wednesday 3rd August.
Please ask your student for this if you haven't seen it.