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Senior Schooling With Natalie Jounquay - RACQ Docudrama

Senior Schooling News
With Natalie Jounquay
RACQ Docudrama
The RACQ Docudrama program ran in our school on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of May for our Year 12 and Year 11 students respectively. The program involves students watching a live mock car crash scenario, followed by two debrief and information sessions on road safety awareness run by RACQ presenters.
The mock car crash scenario involved student actors, local police officers, local ambulance officers and local funeral directors. While the short fifteen minute scenario could be confronting for students, it was a very vivid representation of what happens when a car crash occurs, and was the starting point for the debrief sessions with the RACQ presenters about road safety awareness.
Our three student actors were Yr 12 Tyral Hunter, Yr 11 Veronica Hurcum and Yr 11 Lochlan Niven. These students did an excellent job, showing some very high level drama skills! Their special effects makeup was by Yr 12 Caitlin Zagami and Yr 11 Chelsea Florian, who both possess some very serious makeup skills.
Toolooa SHS takes road safety awareness and education very seriously, and RACQ Docudrama is a very proactive and engaging program which focuses on giving students knowledge and strategies to stay safe on the road.
Students Comments:
Sarah Richardson, Yr 11: "The RACQ's presentation was enjoyable and very engaging. The way the message was portrayed and the general idea was very well thought out. I personally enjoyed it and found it very helpful as I am a learner driver. It helped in increasing awareness of such situations and how to deal with yourself and people around you. Overall it was useful and showed everyone present a look into a real life situation, something that is hard to deal with when not prepared, which is what this presentation helped us with."
Ruvimbo Matavire, Yr 11: "At first the RACQ presentation was very confronting, but in the end, it taught me a lot and educated me on the consequences of irresponsible driving."
Sid Patel, Yr 11: "The RACQ program was full of knowledge. I learnt a lot today, like how to stick to the speed limit because even five kilometres over the speed limit can affect your life. I also learnt about how twenty seconds can change your life, or affect the next twenty years of your life. All of this knowledge should be used when driving to avoid accidents."
Protim Mir, Yr 11: "I think the Docudrama presentation was fantastic. It was brilliantly acted and felt authentic. I learnt many new things from this presentation, and hope to apply this knowledge in the future."
Ben Tummon, Yr 11: "The Docudrama presented by RACQ was a wonderful learning experience. It presented a wealth of knowledge of the many dangers drivers face on a daily basis. Many statistics and facts, both well-known and new, were presented and well-absorbed by the students attending. The mock crash scenario showed first-hand the troubles emergency services face at a crash. Also we were able to learn what we as a student cohort believe about acts like texting while driving and being a passenger in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver."
Jessy Edwards, Yr 12: "It was a really informative experience. I highly recommend it for all senior school students. The scenario was quite emotive, which really helped the messages of the debriefing sessions to sink in."
Lauren Brennan, Yr 12: "The RACQ Docudrama mock crash scenario was a necessary shock to warn and educate teens as to the responsibilities of driving. The debriefing sessions were a good chance to relate and communicate as a whole Year 12 cohort about how we can stay on the road. It is great that our school as educators have taken it upon themselves to teach us about such issues, and I hope they continue to do so. "