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Students With Additional Needs (SWAN) News

Students With Additional Needs (SWAN) News
Toolooa High prides itself on its commitment to meeting the needs of all students at all times. This culture contributes to our school being the best it can be to promote the development of confident, well-balanced young people!!
In order to support of our strong academic and personal development initiatives, Toolooa has a team of dedicated personnel that work hard for all students every day. The specific focus area is our Students With Additional Needs (SWAN).
We promote the belief that a SWAN is anyone who requires any form of additional support for a brief or extended period of time. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of individuals seeking our assistance. Many staff are involved with working toward together to achieve the best outcomes for all kids. We would like to take the time to share our profiles, some stories and a variety of information for students and their families.
Each newsletter will introduce two of our staff.
Maree is our Head of Special Education Services and can be seen all over the school working with a passion and vision to help everyone reach their potential. Maree is the fearless leader of SWAN and nurtures her staff to implement great things for our school. Marree’s office is in the English block but you will often find her hanging at the House, doing what she loves by supporting students to create solutions. Maree has a zest for life, a zany and swish sense of fashion and a passion not only for human kind but for our animal kingdom as well.
Jen commenced at the beginning of 2013 as a specially appointed Guidance Officer and Psychologist for our SWAN department. Her role is additional to our fabulous School Based Guidance Officer Silke. Jen works to support SWAN students through individual work, work with staff and support of families. When she is not around the school talking at a million miles an hour and laughing way too loudly, she can be found in her office at Toolooa House, often on the phone or chatting with a ‘Houseful’ and having ten jobs on the go at once! Jen’s passion is people but she also loves to scrapbook and enjoys the smell of petrol fumes at Kart tracks around the country.
In this newsletter, we have asked for two articles to be attached from “headspace” (pages 12-15). They have great information about supporting adolescents with mental ill health problems and managing issues around bullying.
Given the particular focus in the media around these issues at the moment, we thought this information might be very relevant for you and your young people.
Thanks guys!
The Toolooa House Mates