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Students With Additional Needs (SWAN) News

Students With Additional Needs (SWAN) News
As a school based provisional psychologist at Toolooa SHS I will be working in the Students With Additional Needs (SWAN) team. Our focus is the holistic support and wellbeing of students at this school and the greater school community. I bring energy and enthusiasm to help young people discover their potential and help them overcome barriers in their lives. This is not the first time I have been involved with the Toolooa SHS. I previously worked here as a high school chaplain. Prior to that appointment I attended as a student. The SWAN team I have become a part of is the best at supporting students in Toolooa SHS.
In writing a fortnightly spot for the newsletter, I will look at assisting students with positive growth. Mostly, I will integrate information provided in Toolooa’s Student Success Journal and elaborating or emphasising certain points. To this end I commence my first entry into 2015’s newsletter.
This week students have been encouraged students to sensibly organise their time. This is a great message for all members of the family as it will create clarity and boundaries for the family. I would encourage you as a family this week to turn off the TV, move the computer, turn the phone off and sit around the table to have a ‘sync’ meeting. Map out on a simple weekly time table the days and times which family members are at school, work and training.
Talk about when you like to exercise, eat, study and socialise. This may lead into conversations that build connections between family members. For those who love colours, use different highlighters and colours to represent different activities. For those who want an electronic copy use Gmail calendar or outlook. It doesn’t matter about what the timetable looks like as long as you are intentional about discussing your time as a family.
It’s great to be back at Toolooa SHS and I look forward to working with you in the future and communicating fortnightly through the newsletter. You can contact me via email as or phone (07) 4971 4363