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Test Your Science Knowledge Against The World - ICAS 2017

Test Your Science Knowledge Against The World
Are you confident in your science knowledge? Then science has 2 competitions for you to test yourself against the world. Science is proud to offer students two science competitions.
ICAS - an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.
ICAS Sitting Date:- 30th May, 2017.
Entry fee:- $9.90
The ICAS Science Test Assesses Students’ Skills In The Key Scientific Areas Of:-
Observing and measuring - Noting and measuring features of items and phenomena
Interpreting data - Interpreting diagrams, tables and graphs
Applying data - Including inferring, predicting and concluding
Investigating - Experimental design, use of controls and notion of ‘fair test’
Higher-order skills - Including reasoning and problem solving.
The Assessment Will Include Content From The Areas Of:-
Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy).
Energy and Change (incorporating Physics).
Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology).
Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).
Students wishing to participate in ICAS need to pay the entry fee at the office by
Wednesday 26th April, 2017. For more information, please see Mrs Wyatt in the
Science Staffroom.
2) Big Science Competition – An international competition for students in years 7 – 10. It runs for 50 minutes and offers a range of questions to test students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as their science knowledge. Each student who takes part will receive a certificate as well as detailed feedback on their performance in the competition. They also go into a draw to win cash prizes.
Big Science Sitting Date: between 17th and 24th of May, 2017.
Entry fee: $8.00
Competition Questions In The Big Science Competition Are Aligned With The Australian Curriculum – Science.
Inquiry skills: identifying and formulating questions and hypotheses; making predictions, collecting, analysing and evaluating data and drawing conclusions; interpreting and communicating information.
The development of science knowledge and processes across cultures and over time; its application and significance in informing personal and societal decisions and actions; and the influence society has on science.
Core concepts relating to Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physical Sciences
Students wishing to participate in the Big Science Competition need to pay the entry fee at the office by the Tuesday 18th of April, 2017 (first day of term 2). For more information, please see Miss Clarke in the Science Staffroom.