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The Engineering Link Program


The Engineering Link Program


The Engineering Link program aims to give students an experience in different fields of Engineering. This program is run through the year across the country. After completing the experience in your regional area, students are given the amazing opportunity to travel overseas to China for an experience of a lifetime.
My name is Brittany Macleod, a current grade 12 student and I was invited, with 12 other students, to experience engineering at the East China Jiaotong University (30th November 2014-12th December 2014).  The learning included aspects of civil, mechanical and geotechnical engineering, all under the banner of Railway Engineering.  It was a challenging experience that involved mathematical levels of second year university engineering. The trip was not just about working, we were also lucky enough to experience cultural events that were put on for us by the fellow Chinese students studying engineering at the university.
After struggling through the first week of early mornings, long days of lectures and endless hours of calculations, it was all rewarded with a certificate of completion and a following week of outstanding sightseeing.
We were off to Xian to learn of the Terracotta warriors, then an overnight train to Beijing where we witness a Kung FU show and of course had the absolute privilege of climbing the Great Wall.  One of the highlights of the trip will be the high-speed train trip from Beijing to Shanghai (upwards of 300 km/h for 4 hours!)  It is a railway engineering trip, after all!  We’ll also do two trips on the Mag-Lev in Shanghai, before we return home on the 13th December. The Mag-Lev being a high speed train that travels up to 432 km/h. Other attractions that we also visited included Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace and the Forbidden City.
The entire experience of a new culture, the schooling and new friends is one could never be replaced.