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Titration Competition

​Toolooa Teams Place 23rd and 25th in National Final of Titration Competition
The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Australian National Chemical Analysis (Titration) Competition has been running since 1984. Acid-base titration is a method in chemistry that allows quantitative analysis of the concentration of an unknown acid or base solution. This technique is used for chemical analysis in nearly every working laboratory. 
The competition has two stages – the first round involves Regional Competitions in each state. The teams that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Regional Competition are then invited to take part in the National Finals. Toolooa entered two teams in the regional competition. A total of 30 teams from as far south as Maryborough to as far north as Rockhampton were entered. The year 12 team (Team 1) won the regional competition and the year 11 team (Team 2) placed second.  Both teams also received “Excellent Team” awards. 
On the 16th of October our teams competed in the National Final. There were a total of 155 teams competing. 
Congratulations must go to both teams for ranking in the top 30 nationally. 
Toolooa Team 1 (Kaitlyn Read, Andrea Ispanovic and Ksenia Metilkova) placed 23rd and Toolooa Team 2 (consisting of Mitchell Carter, Janaya Ray and Lauren Brennan) were not far behind them in 26th place. Andrea, Ksenia and Lauren also received gold medallions, while Kaitlyn, Mitchell and Janaya received silver medallions. 
To get an understanding of how accurate students need to be, consider how the scores are calculated. Firstly, students determine the concentration of an unknown substance accurately to 4 significant figures. This figure is then multiplied by one million and subtracted from the actual exact answer times one million. If the difference between these two figures is 20 or less, a student will receive a Gold award.  The team score is determined by squaring these individual figures and adding them together. A score of 1000 or less is considered to be an excellent team. A Score between 1000 and 1500 would be considered a highly commended team. This year our team scores were 1214 and 1370. 
Students participated in after school practice sessions in order to prepare for the National Final. We would like to thank Miss Cooper, Mr Ryan Muller and Mrs Heather Warren from QAL for giving up their time to train the titration teams. We would also like to thank QAL for donating chemicals which were used in practice sessions. A special additional thanks goes to Ryan Muller for the many hours he put into ensuring our glassware was in the best condition possible. 
23rd place - Team 1 (on the left - from front to back) Ksenia Metilkova, Andrea Ispanovic and Kaitlyn Read. 
26th place - Team 2 (on the right – from front to back) Lauren Brennan, Mitchell Carter and Janaya Ray.