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Toolooa SHS Mathematics Students Excel

Toolooa SHS Mathematics Students Excel
Year 9’s
During this term we have trialled an elective course that seven of our highest performing year 9 mathematics students chose to do in lieu of one of their elective subjects. The course was project based and focused on various mathematical aspects around a dam, its water storage and its ability to produce electricity. The students were exposed to some high level mathematics that is seen only in years 11 and 12 in only the high level maths subjects or in physics. Along with this the students learnt a lot about the ability to use spreadsheets as a means of doing large numbers of calculations in a quick, easy and concise manner.
A special, thanks must go to two local engineers, Malcolm Leinster who helped develop and deliver the course every lesson and Heather Richards who regularly gave up her time to come along and assist in the class.
I’m sure all seven students learnt a great deal from the subject and their success in it gives us the incentive to develop an elective maths/science elective subject that may be offered to year 9 students from 2016 onwards.
Year 11’s
Over the past two years 5 year 11 students (The “M” Team – Maths team) have been accelerated through Mathematics B. This means that they completed year 11 Maths B whilst in year 10 and have just completed their year 12 work whilst in year 11.
The “M” Team were identified back in year 9 as students who excelled in mathematics so they completed a year 10 mathematics bridging course in lieu of an elective subject whilst in year 9 and hence began their senior mathematics in 2013 a year ahead of the rest of their cohort.
All of the “M” Team took their studies very seriously and I am very pleased to say that all 5 have exited with VHA’s. A special congratulations goes to Kaitlyn Read who has exited as a VHA9, one rung from the highest possible ranking, and who has topped the “class” against older students both last year and this.
The “M” Team will now have one less subject to concentrate on in 2015 therefore allowing them to improve upon their results in those other subject areas.
Well done guys – it has been a pleasure having such wonderful students focus on achieving something special.
Greg Hage
HOD Mathematics