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Toolooa Sporting Stars

Toolooa Sporting Stars
This year it’s been excellent to see a large number of students selected for Port Curtis, Capricornia and State teams. The following table indicates which students have been selected for representative teams in 2016.
Port Curtis
Ryan Neale
Lyncoln Rebel
Matthew Hitchcock
Baillie Elliott
Nathan Spencer
Brad Howard
Connor Mulhern
Ihaka Wirihana
James Fanning
Chyanne Downing
Joshua Ferguson
Daniel Ludkin
Rugby League
Kalloom Johnson
Declan Hage
Matthew Hitchcock
Jai Parter
Lyncoln Rebel
Georgie Hare
Jack Neucom
Declan Hage
Rikarra Benjamin
Bradley Preston
Jai Parter
Tyler Massey
Lyncoln Rebel
Ashley Hare
18s Basketball
Emma Small
Lachlan Wilmot
Lee Gillett
19s Soccer
Lachlan Silver
Kyle Schoch
Benjamin Murray
Jaleel Donald
Jackson Adnum
Madeline Van Vegchel
Madison McPhail
Dakoda Jones
Tenille Spencer
12s Basketball
Haizyn Mellars
Albert Maunga
Nicholas Campbell
12s Softball
Holly Dodd
Shawna Johnson
12s Boys Soccer
12s Boys RL
Bailey Smith
Liam Price
Tait Fraser
Bailey Smith
15 Girls Soccer
Jamie Schoch
Tegan Van Vegchel
15 Boys soccer
Jevan Raghoobar
Tyler Wise
Baillie Elliott
Dylan Fry
15 Basketball
Jett Elmy
Kaitlyn Stratford
Eloise Greenland
Jess Wilmot
Cross Country
Clara Furness
Brooke Stone
Chloe Shannon
Ryan Neale
Bryce Piper
Tenille Spencer
Cameron Ridgway
Brooke Assman
Ally Ware
12s PC Athletics
Bailey Smith
Andrew, Joshua
Bartlett, Dylan
Downing, Chyanne
Eldridge, Shobai
Ferguson, Josh
Groves, Megan
Hanlon, Melanie
Humphries, Tanya
McPhail, Maddy
Neale, Ryan
Nichol, Hayden
Piper, Bryce
Preston, Bradley
Ranger, Jai
Rashleigh, Jayden
Rebel, Lyncoln
Ridgeway, Cameron
Singh, Abhinav
Stone, Brooke
Truskett, Keana
Wharervera, Harmony
Wise, Tyler
Nathan Spencer
Joshua Andrews
Clara Furness
PC Tennis
19 Years Squash
Brad Read
Jayden Vince
Casey Vollmer
12s Hockey
Jada Walker
Ashlea Kay Lindeberg
12s Touch
Emity Cannon
Rugby Union
Ihaka Wirihana
Connor Marek
Cade Gyemore
Rewi Reta-Anderson
Dillon Bartlett
Mathew Hitchcock
Rikarra Benjamin
Abbi Cooper
Eliza McGuire
Molly Tolan
Rachel Groves
Kael Brennan
Nicholas Versic
Austin Walker
Ally Ware
Congratulations to the students listed above who have made a representative team in 2016 thus far.
QLD Hockey
Congratulations to Hayden Pease who has been selected to compete in the QLD U13 Hockey team. This is a fantastic achievement. Hayden will be playing in the National Championships in Perth from 29th September to 9th October. Best of luck with the competition.
Finally, the “Toolooa Sports Awards” night will be on the 16th November this year.
Everyone who has been selected for a Port Curtis, Capricornia or State team will be eligible to attend this awards ceremony this year. I look forward to seeing our young sporting stars receiving their awards in recognition of their sporting success in 2016.
Yours in Sport,
Matthew Miller
Sports Co-ordinator