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Common Curriculum Elements (CCE's)

     1.  Recognising letters, words and other symbols
     2.  Finding material in an indexed collection
     3.  Recalling/remembering
     4.  Interpreting the meaning of words or other symbols
     5.  Interpreting the meaning of pictures/illustrations
     6.  Interpreting the meaning of tables or diagrams or maps or graphs
     7.  Translating from one form to another
     8.  Using correct spelling, punctuation, grammar
     9.  Using vocabulary appropriate to a context
     10.  Summarising/condensing written text
     11.  Compiling lists/statistics
     12.  Recording/noting data
     13.  Compiling results in a tabular form
     14.  Graphing
     15.  Calculating with or without calculator
     16.  Estimating numerical magnitude
     17.  Approximating a numerical value
     18.  Substituting in formulae
     19.  Setting out/ presenting/arranging/displaying
     20.  Structuring/organising extended written text
     21.  Structuring/organising a mathematical argument
     22.  Explaining to others
     23.  Expounding a viewpoint
     24.  Empathising
     25.  Comparing, contrasting
     26.  Classifying
     27.  Interrelating ideas/themes/issues
     28.  Reaching a conclusion which is necessarily true provided a given set of
            assumptions is true       
     29.  Reaching a conclusion which is consistent with a given set of assumptions
     30.  Inserting an intermediate between members of a series
     31.  Extrapolating
     32.  Applying strategies to trial and test ideas and procedures
     33.  Applying a progression of steps to achieve the required answer
     34.  Generalising from information
     35.  Hypothesising
     36.  Criticising
     37.  Analysing
     38.  Synthesising
     39.  Judging/evaluating
     40.  Creating/composing/devising
     41.  Justifying
     42.  Perceiving patterns
     43.  Visualising
     44.  Identifying shapes in two and three dimensions
     45.  Searching and locating items/information
     46.  Observing systematically
     47.  Gesturing
     48.  Manipulating/operating/using equipment
     49.  Sketching/drawing