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Good News Stories

Toolooa SHS STEM Students - Runners Up in the 2023 Future Makers STEM Inventors Challenge

Over the course of seven weeks in term 2, two teams of students from Toolooa SHS competed in the 2023 Future Makers STEM Inventors Challenge where they were tasked with developing an innovative solution to protect or restore Queensland’s unique biodiversity. Students then had to showcase their innovative and creative ideas and, in doing so, help protect Queensland’s native animals, plants and ecosystems for the future.

4 Yr 9 Students, Emily, Jakada, Khyati & Tanishka came away as runners up for the challenge and had their idea for an Underwater Arial Vehicle (UAV) to protect seagrass growth on Display at the 2023 World Science Festival.

Emily, Jakada, Khyati and Tanishka investigated the threats posed to coastal sea grass, which is a vital habitat for a variety of marine wildlife, and an important part of the ecosystem, as it filters pollutants, stabilises sediments, and absorbs excess nutrients from run off. Vast areas of sea grass are being lost in Australia, which poses a great threat to the marine environment. In response to this problem, the team proposed working with marine biologists at Central Queensland University, Gladstone, who are currently researching sea grass. The team proposed planting sea grass nurseries in the ocean, which would be monitored by an underwater aerial vehicle (UAV) in the shape of a turtle. The UAV would have one thermal and one visual camera, along with devices to monitor temperature, currents and sea level. This data would be transmitted back to the researchers. The UAV would be fitted with a tracking device and would also be able to emit sound waves to deter sharks from attacking it. The UAV would be fitted with magnets to assist it to build fences around the nurseries when threats such as high ocean currents or sea creatures were detected. These fences, made of environmentally friendly mesh, would be fine enough so as not to harm animals, and wide enough to allow water to pass through.

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Last reviewed 03 August 2023
Last updated 03 August 2023