Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 2 Week 4 2021


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

For all mothers out there, I do hope that you had a lovely day with your family last Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day.

As we approach the end of Week 4, I would like to congratulate our student body on how they have settled down and re-engaged with their schoolwork and the routines of our school. It has been very pleasing to hear that the majority of students are adhering to the school’s core values of respect, achievement and responsibility.

All students have received their assessment calendar for Term 2. Not only is it important that the calendar is placed in a location whereby the student can constantly refer to it at home, I encourage parents/carers to reinforce with their child the importance of mapping out their term and being well organised. Please contact your child’s teacher or the school if you have any questions regarding the assessment schedule.

As Principal of this great school, I am very fortunate to have parents/carers fully invested in their child’s education and the direction of the school. Working together has allowed us to continue to provide the best education possible. I would like to thank those parents who attended the parent-teacher evening last week and to those parents who have since made contact to discuss their child’s progress and what is expected from all moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact the school to provide us with any feedback (positive or constructive) or to discuss your child’s progress as we all know, working together early on an issue will normally result in a positive outcome.

Reflection of Term 1 Results
I would like to congratulate all students who achieved their academic goals for Term 1. It was very pleasing to see the large number of students who received Cs or above, with a large percentage receiving all As and Bs. A special mention must go to the majority of students whose behaviour and effort in all classes was well above satisfactory. Please see the breakdown below highlighting the positive engagement of students in class:

Installation of CCTV
Toolooa State High School is committed to creating and maintaining safe and secure learning environments that support the provision of high quality education for teaching and learning.

Schools face a number of security related threats and must develop and implement appropriate strategies to manage these risks. Closed circuit television (CCTV) can be an effective tool to help a school to meet its obligation to provide a safe and secure environment for students and staff, and meet its duty of care obligations.

Installation of CCTV will identify offences and/or reduce the recent increase in unauthorised access, vandalism, theft and inappropriate use of school facilities outside of school hours. It will also assist the school in overseeing daytime activities whilst also supporting teachers who are on playground duty. The use of CCTV in schools will not be used for monitoring toilets, classrooms, staffrooms or offices. Approved signage will be placed at every entry point to the school as well as the entrance to every camera’s area of operation, as it is important that individuals are informed before they are captured by CCTV, so that they have an opportunity to decide whether they wish to proceed into that area.

If any parents/caregivers or community members have any concerns regarding the proposed installation of CCTV, please contact the office on 49714 333 and speak with Rachael.

Year 10 into 11 Senior Schooling Information
A number of important information sessions and activities have been planned by Mr Thomas (Deputy Principal) and his Senior Schooling team to support students in Year 10 and their parents/carers to learn about:

    • ​Senior Pathways
    • the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
    • Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system including ATAR
    • Senior subjects and courses for 2022-2023.

The following is a list of important events and dates to assist students and their parents/carers to gain and attend sessions/meetings, meet deadlines for subject selections and course enrolments.

    • Student information session on Senior Pathways, QCE, Senior Assessment and ATAR eligibility at Toolooa SHS
    • Student information session on an ATAR senior pathway (University & Tertiary Entrance)
    • Year 10 Semester 2 and Senior subject information sessions presented by Heads of Department
    • 2022 Senior Schooling information evening for Year 10 Students and parents. N.B This information session is strongly advised for all parents to attend (Term 2Week 8- Day TBC)
    • 2022 Senior subject/External program information evening for students and parents N.B This information session is strongly advised for all parents to attend (Term 2 Week 9- Day TBC)
    • Senior Education and Training (SET) Plans completed by students including finalising their senior subject selections online
    • SET PLAN/Senior enrolment meetings with students and parents (Week 5-10 Term 3)

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Last reviewed 13 May 2021
Last updated 13 May 2021