Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 1 Week 8 2023


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

Student Behaviour
Toolooa SHS is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for all students and staff, where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong learning. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to facilitate high standards of behaviour so that teaching in our school can facilitate a learning culture of high performance whilst enabling our students to participate positively within our school community. Toolooa’s mission is Education for Life, and our school’s core value around behaviour is that: “Every member or our school community, whether staff, student, parent or visitor, will act at all times with the safety and dignity of themselves and others in mind.”

Unfortunately, as of late, there are a small number of students who are not adhering to the school’s core values and Code of Conduct, which is having a negative impact on their learning and that of others. As you can appreciate, these behaviours and attitudes are not acceptable. Having high expectations of students is an important part of promoting academic excellence, personal growth and carer success.

Consequently, I encourage all parents/carers to spend five minutes with their child, unpacking the school’s Code of Conduct which is on our website and reinforce the school’s high standard. Please pay particular attention to the possible consequences section which clearly outlines the behaviours which may result in disciplinary consequences, some of these being; detention, restorative conversations, behaviour card, withdrawal, loss of privileges, short/long term suspension, exclusion and Police involvement. To support all students moving forward, Toolooa will continue to teach the expected behaviours required inside and outside of the classroom, remind all students of our expectations and support those who require it. Please contact the school if you require any additional support or have any questions regarding the school’s processes. I thank you for your ongoing support and working together on this important matter.

P&C News
Our March meeting saw the Annual General Meeting (AGM) conducted, followed by the General Monthly Meeting. On behalf of the school, I personally would like to thank those parents/carers who sacrifice their time to support the direction of the school which positively impacts on all students. It was fantastic to have a few more parents sign up and commit to being active members of the P&C. As it was the AGM, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate and thank the following members who were appointed to the executive:

President: Mel Gourley
Vice President: Jenny Morris
Minute Secretary: Kirsty Golding
Correspondence Secretary: Kim Van der Breggen
Treasurer: Leigh McLeod
P&C QLD Rep: Mel Knight

Congratulations and thank you to our whole P&C team for their ongoing commitment to our amazing school. To those parents/carers who have some spare time and would like to be involved in the P&C, please attend the next meeting. The more the merrier. For those of you who are unaware, the P&C only meets twice per term. Looking forward to seeing some new faces at our next meeting.

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Last reviewed 16 March 2023
Last updated 16 March 2023