Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 3 Week 8 2022


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

Term 3 Assessment
With assessment upon everyone, it is critical that all students are fully aware of their assessment requirements and seek clarification if needed. I encourage all parents to check with their child to make sure they are on track, support them in any way, visually check their piece and take a vested interest in their work. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Student Free Day – Friday 2 September
This is an important reminder to our community that tomorrow is a Student Free Day. While students are using the time wisely to prepare for upcoming assessment, staff who are not involved in the Confirmation process with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority on that day will be completing Professional Development and collaboratively planning for upcoming units.

Keeping Everyone Healthy at School
Coughs, colds and other illnesses can spread easily at school. Please remind your children to wash their hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes. If your child is ill, please keep them at home and notify the school as soon as possible. You should seek medical advice if you are concerned about your child’s health. Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy so children can recover as quickly as possible and come back to school ready to learn.

Thank You to Our Teacher Aides
2022 Teacher Aide Appreciation Week is on this week.

Our teacher aides are an essential part of our school community and play a vital role in supporting our students, staff and families. Without their valued contribution, many students would not reach their full potential and the school would not be one that is safe, engaging and an overall positive learning environment.

There are so many staff, students and families who have, at some stage, been supported by these wonderful staff, and I would like to recognise them for their continued efforts and let them know they are immensely appreciated. Their dedication, professionalism and support is greatly appreciated by our students, staff and parents alike.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to thank them for their continued efforts.

Vietnam Veterans Day
It was a great honour to attend Vietnam Veteran’s Day last Thursday the 18th of August, with one of our very own Vietnam Veterans Mr Trevor Davis, along with school leaders.

It was an important occasion where we reflected and commemorated those who have served and those who are currently serving for our country.

Attendance Monitoring
School attendance and the monitoring of absences has two main purposes:

All absences MUST be explained by parents. This communication ensures parents and school are aware of the explanation for the absence thus ensuring legal obligations and ‘duty of care’ requirements are fulfilled by both parties. It is also expected that this communication occurs within three days.

Actual percentage attendance is important for learning of all students in every year level. High attendance enables students to form the foundation knowledge and skills required to have success at school. Research has shown learning is consolidated and refined through ongoing repetition to make the knowledge or skill automatic and so it becomes routine and easy.

Consequently, to get the best results for our students, every day is a learning day at Toolooa. Your support in reinforcing the importance of attendance is greatly appreciated.

R U OK? Day 2022
R U OK? Inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with those in their world who may be struggling with life. You don’t need to be an expert to reach out – just a good friend and a great listener. Thursday, 8th September is R U OK? Day. At Toolooa we will be raising awareness by running activities 1st break and encouraging students to wear yellow accessories, not T-Shirts.

Use these four steps and have a conversation that could change a life:

1.Ask R U OK?
3.Encourage action
4.Check in

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Last reviewed 01 September 2022
Last updated 01 September 2022