Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 1 Week 6 2022


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

Dear Parents/Carers
Following the Premier’s announcement last week regarding the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Queensland from 6pm on 4 March, additional information is now available to guide our Toolooa community. From 6pm on 4 March, the Back to School Plan will no longer be in place, and schools will return to COVID-normal operations with some additional considerations outlined below.

Face Masks
From 6 pm on Friday 4 March, face masks will no longer be required to be worn by staff or students in schools, on dedicated school transport or at other education workplaces.

Staff and students who wish to wear a face mask at school may continue to do so.

Excursions, Assemblies, Camps and Visitors To Schools
Schools will be allowed to conduct assemblies, excursions and school camps, while restrictions on parents and visitors to schools are also lifting.

Further Information
Stay up to date by regularly checking the Queensland Government website. As always, I will continue to update you on any further developments as they arise.

Core Values
At Toolooa State High School, we frequently talk about the school’s three core values: Respect, Achievement and Responsibility. These values underpin our school’s expectations which are aligned to our School’s Student Code of Conduct. I encourage all parents/carers to familiarise yourselves with a detailed description of the three core values (see page 4 of the Student Success Journal) and the school’s Student Code of Conduct (see page 12 - 18 of the Student Success Journal) so we can continue to work together on what is acceptable at Toolooa SHS.

At Toolooa we are striving to develop assessment literacy amongst our students in all year levels. Students are well prepared for their assessment tasks and should be able to clearly articulate to you the assessment type, due date, key skills being assessed and have a deep understanding of what is expected from them. Students will be currently working on a variety of assessment types for each subject. For some subjects, the students will be completing a draft. These drafts will be handed in to teachers and feedback will be provided to the students at a whole class and individual level. The purpose of this feedback is to help your child improve the standard of their work. Students will have the opportunity to work with the teachers around their feedback and are encouraged to ask questions and see clarification where necessary. I encourage all parents/carers to take a vested interest in your child’s education and spend time talking to their child about upcoming assessment, feedback received and what they are expected to do to improve in their subject. If you have any concerns/questions, please contact your student’s class teacher.

Student Absences
To streamline the process at Toolooa SHS, I encourage all parents/carers to contact the school on the below e-mail, SMS or phone numbers to explain your child’s absence:
  •  E-Mail:
  •  SMS: 0426 305 132
  •  Phone: 49 714 360
  •  Absentee phone during Office Hours: 49 714 304

New Performing Arts Centre for Toolooa State High School
Delivering new education facilities to support learning outcomes.

The Queensland Government is committed to building, maintaining, improving and renewing schools across Queensland.

As part of this investment, the Department of Education is proposing to deliver a new performing arts centre at Toolooa State High School. The Toolooa State High School concept site plan pictured below shows the proposed site location of the new performing arts centre. The new performing arts centre may reach up to 9.85 metres in height. The estimated height is subject to the detailed final design. A second round of community consultation will take place in the coming months outlining further project details, including final height and design.

New Performing Arts Centre for Toolooa State High School – Concept Site Plans.

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Last reviewed 03 March 2022
Last updated 03 March 2022