Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 3 Week 6 2022


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

Being Prepared for Year 11, 12 and Post-Schooling
A successful transition from Year 10 into 11 optimises a student’s success post schooling. As per previous newsletters, Toolooa SHS has begun the Senior Education and Training Plan, commonly called the SET Plan. I would like to thank all parents/carers who have engaged in the process and have had their meeting with a trained staff member to discuss future carers and the development of a pathway for their child which will only help them achieve their goals. For those who have not, it is imperative that the meeting is organised as poor choices now can have a significant bearing on your child’s later options.

Year 12 Students – Not Long to Go!
With only 11 weeks from Monday remaining for our Year 12 students, I understand that some can be finding this time very daunting. For those students who are nervous or are unsure of the ‘what and how’ for their next pathway, I encourage them and their parents/carers to contact one of my senior schooling team; Mr Thomas (Deputy Principal), Mr Boase (Head of Department – Senior Schooling) or Mrs Hetherington (Guidance Officer – Year 11/12) and unpack their concerns. By working together, we will continue to provide strong support for our year 12’s.

School Pick Up Area
Can parents please use the pickup area outside of Toolooa High School. Unfortunately, there have been a number of occasions this term where unauthorised vehicles have utilised the school grounds as a pick-up point which creates a safety concern for our students. For those parents/carers authorised to pick your child up from inside the school gates, please maintain a speed of 15km/hr. Thank you for your understanding.

Student Behaviour
I would like to congratulate the vast majority of our student body who are abiding by our school values of respect, achievement and responsibility. It is very pleasing to see those students striving to achieve their very best, respecting one another and staff and contributing positively to our school. We are very lucky to have so many wanting to achieve success. Unfortunately, like any school, there are a minority of students making poor decisions which does not only impact their learning and way of life, it can have a negative influence on their peer’s learning and the overall ‘culture’ of the school. This is not fair and it will not be tolerated. As such, it is important that our community are aware of the school’s explicit expectations when it comes to our core values and the possible consequences that can arise if students make poor decisions. I encourage all families to look over the School’s Student Code of Conduct in the Student Success Journal, discuss it and familiarise yourselves with the explicit behaviours expected. For those families who require additional assistance supporting their child, please contact the school.

Year 6 into 7 Transition
It was fantastic to see such a strong turnout at our first Year 6 into 7 transition night for the year! We had almost 200 people in attendance, and have had great feedback from parents and excited students.

The next step in the transition plan is getting enrolment paperwork in. If you have a child starting Year 7 with us in 2023, please ensure that you have returned enrolment paperwork by the end of this term.

Our team is currently liaising closely with our local primary schools, teaching students about high school, and having professional conversations about students. Our Toolooa House team is working with primary schools to select students who might require an extended transition too.

Our full two-day Orientation program will be on Monday and Tuesday of the second-last week of the year (28th & 29th November), where all 2023 Year 7 students will come along and engage in a range of activities. We are looking forward to welcoming them, and giving them the best start to their high school career!

There is currently an increase in students who are using vapes at school. Students will be involved in an education session in week 8 to educate our students regarding the health risks associated with vaping and possible school consequences. Further information around these products can be found in our school nurse's article.

Consequences for vaping, possession of vaping products or being with students who are vaping are the same as those for smoking. If students are found to be in possession of, or using the vaping products, it is very likely that they will be suspended. Please refer to the Student Success Journal for further details around possible consequences (p17A).

The 28th Golding Showcase
Toolooa would like to congratulate the following students who have artwork on display at this years 'Golding Showcase' exhibition; Taneal Magic, Abby Noy, Charley Perks, Morgan Pender, Maddyson La Cioppa and Ella Stott. This year is The 28th Goldings Showcase : Port Curtis Callied Valley Youth Art Exhibition. It will also include three other works of art, The Certificate presentation, Sacrifice by William Debois, Intercity Images Combined Exhibition a combined display of photographs from the Gladstone Region and Saiki, Japan, and our newest social history exhibition Larcom Lodge Anniversary Exhibition.

Let’s Maximise Our Learning Opportunities
The best way our students can get the most out of their learning at Toolooa SHS is to be in class.

In order to maximise their class time there are a few things they can do:

  • Bring a water bottle to school and make sure they refill it during breaks
  • Go to the toilet before school and during breaks.

Our teachers don’t leave class to get a drink, refill their water bottles or go to the toilet so as young adults our students shouldn’t have to either. We acknowledge there may be times when students will have to leave class for the above reasons but in a majority of cases time lost from class can be eliminated if the above are adhered to. I encourage all parents/carers to discuss their expectations with their child.

The Next Step—Early School Leavers Survey
The Next Step – Early School Leavers survey is a statewide post-school destination survey of all students who left school in Years 10, 11 and before completing Year 12 during the previous year.

Information from the survey helps schools to understand the pathways young people follow after leaving school and supports student transitions into study or employment.

I would like to thank you for your support in helping to ensure the success of the Early School Leavers survey in previous years. This year’s survey of early school leavers in 2021 will commence in August 2022 and your support once again in promoting participation in the survey is greatly appreciated.

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Last reviewed 18 August 2022
Last updated 18 August 2022