Principal Piece with Justin Harrison Term 1 Week 6 2023


Principal’s Piece — Justin Harrison

Core Values
At Toolooa State High School, we frequently talk about the school’s three core values: Respect, Achievement and Responsibility. These values underpin our school’s expectations which are aligned to our School’s Student Code of Conduct. I encourage all parents/carers to familiarise yourselves with a detailed description of the three core values (see page 4A of the Student Success Journal) and the school’s Student Code of Conduct (see page 12 - 18 of the Student Success Journal) so we can continue to work together on what is acceptable at Toolooa SHS.

At Toolooa, we are striving to develop assessment literacy amongst our students in all year levels. Students are well prepared for their assessment tasks and should be able to clearly articulate to you the assessment type, due date, key skills being assessed and have a deep understanding of what is expected from them. Students will be currently working on a variety of assessment types for each subject. For some subjects, the students will be completing a draft. These drafts will be handed in to teachers and feedback will be provided to the students at a whole class and individual level. The purpose of this feedback is to help your child improve the standard of their work. Students will have the opportunity to work with the teachers around their feedback and are encouraged to ask questions and see clarification where necessary. I encourage all parents/carers to take a vested interest in your child’s education and spend time talking to their child about upcoming assessment, feedback received and what they are expected to do to improve in their subject. If you have any concerns/questions, please contact your student’s class teacher.

Student Absences
To streamline the process at Toolooa SHS, I encourage all parents/carers to contact the school on the below e-mail, SMS or phone numbers to explain your child’s absence:

SMS: 0426 305 132
Phone: 49 714 360
Absentee phone during Office Hours: 49 714 304

Lunchtime Bells
To support students transition to period three and four on time after each break, the school has decided to introduce some slight changes to when students can enter and exit the hardcourts and oval. More specifically, as of Monday, students will be allowed to enter the hardcourts and oval at the five-minute mark rather than the 10-minute mark of each break. Likewise, at the end of the break, all students will be asked to transition to their next class, go to the toilet, get a drink, etc. at the 30-minute mark, rather than the 35th minute. Please note: no change has been made to the total time allocated to active play.

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Year 11 and 12 Term 1 reports are due to be completed on Tuesday 28th March 2023.

Parents/caters will receive these via email shortly there after. Years 7-10 reports are due to be completed on Tuesday 18th April 2023, these will also be emailed to parents /carers soon after. Please read these reports carefully as teachers will indicate if a parent/ carer / teacher interview is required.

Parent/ teacher interviews will occur on Thursday 27th April from 3.30-6.30pm. Parents/ carers will be able to book appointments with their child's teachers via SOBs. Information as to how to book these interviews will be included in the students’ individual reports.

2023 School Immunisation Program (SIP)
In 2023, Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) is providing free vaccinations for all students in Year 7 and 10 as part of Queensland Health’s annual School Immunisation Program (SIP).

A consent pack will be given to your child to bring home in the coming days. Please read the information booklet carefully, sign the consent card and return the consent card to school by the 10th of March 2023. For more information please see page 12 of this newsletter.


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Last reviewed 02 March 2023
Last updated 02 March 2023